About Briana

I was born in Houston, Texas  and raised in Katy, Texas. I went to Cinco Ranch High School and attended the University of Southern California (the only USC and the very best shool in LA lol), receiving my degree in Human Performance with a minor in Health Promotion and Nutrition. Having played basketball the majority of my life, I am now a professional basketball player that plays in the WNBA as well as overseas. I have one sister, Stefanie, and my parents names are Wardell and Audrey Gilbreath. 

When Brice asked me to marry him I said yes because he is my bestfriend, he is my Popeye and I am his Olive Oyl. Even though we can be complete opposites at times, we seem to fit together perfectly. He supports me in everything I do, and is always encouraging me to follow my heart and my dreams. He makes me feel beautiful, he makes me feel loved, and last but not least he makes me feel like a Queen. God has truly developed Brice into a man of integrity, respect, and faith and I thank the Lord for taking his time with him! God has truly blessed us with a bond that has been unbreakable and will continue to be that way as long as we keep our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first in our lives! 

About Brice

I was born and raised in an athletic city by the name of norcross, ga. Since we produce nothing but ballers in my city I was fortunate enough to receive a full ride scholarship to University of Southern Cal! I have been blessed along this journey to have the opportunity to play in the next level, NFL. I am the second son in a family with four boys. My brothers names are Brenton, Brelan, and Brandel. Mom and Pops names are Cyrillyn and Bobby Butler.

Even though while at USC football didn't go the way I planned it, The Lord placed Briana in my life. She's kept me cool all throughout college and if she doesn't get tired of me I hope she will the rest of my life. Although this step is kind of daunting, I know that Briana is the right one to make this step with. I am blessed to have her!

How we met

We met the first week of summer school going into our freshmen year at USC. We spent a good amount of time together beacuse there was a small group of us athletes that were attending the "bridge program" that summer. We eventually go to a point where we both had feelings for one another but weren't official, until he asked me to be his girlfriend as we brought in the new year of 2009!

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